The future of Agriculture

Namibia have a small population and manufacturing in the food space has not been seen as viable when taking the large South African food producers and manufacturers into account.

There have been many investments made into crop and livestock agriculture by the government and private industry with a little focus on horticulture, with just a small number of large producers in Namibia. Many of these projects have not lived up to expectations and its impossible to build momentum when completely workable project don’t work as a result of mismanagement.

It is further interesting to note that Namibia does not have large scale greenhouse producers.

Namibia further does not have a reliable information portal, where information, best practise and applicable knowledge is shared. There are some websites, however the quality of the content and lack of feedback channels are alarming when so much talk are doing the rounds. 

The Solution lies inBig Data


Sustainable farming practises are available, holistic land management and high performing growing technologies are being implemented by Afritree and we will start a data base for best practise and develop AI models for the industry.




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